1. Bullet Step 1 Choose a contractor and set an estimated time frame.

    (Don’t Be Fooled By Exact Dates)

  1. Bullet Step 2 The old Driveway should be removed in order to inspect the condition of the base. Any contaminated areas must be removed.

  1. Bullet Step 3 Edges must be “Trimmed” to ensure straight and proper shaped edges.

  1. Bullet Step 4 - ¾” stone should be added if necessary to give the driveway a proper grade.

  1. Bullet Step 5 - The driveway should be compacted properly using heavy rollers.

  1. Bullet Step 6 - Depending on the condition of the driveway and time of year; the driveway can be left to sit for 4-8 weeks, if required.

  1. Bullet Step 7 - The Asphalt should be spread using an asphalt spreader to ensure uniform thickness as well as a highway finish.

  1. Bullet Step 8 - The asphalt is then powered using static rollers to ensure proper compaction and proper finish.

  2. Bullet Step 9 Depending on the humidity; 4-8 days is the expected waiting period before driveway usage.

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